Gemeinde Odenthal

Welcome to Odenthal

We are very happy to welcome you to our website. Citizens and guests can find everything they need to know about living and relaxing in Odenthal.

Take a virtual trip and experience everything that Odenthal has to offer. There is so much to discover because, after all, Odenthal is the cradle of the „Bergisch Land“. As early as the Middle Ages, people discovered the advantages of the gentle rolling hills that continue to shape the community today. The Counts von Berg built their first family seat here, called Castle Berge, which soon became the namesake of the entire „Bergisch Land“. With it's small valleys and beautiful brooks, Odenthal is a hiker's paradise. The Altenberg cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, attracts visitors from around the world to the Dhünn valley. Every year numerous events take place in Odenthal. They range from three colorful carnival parades, various concerts, and an elegant Christmas market in front of the silhouette of the Altenberg cathedral.

Unspoiled nature, cultural attractions and exceptional hotels and restaurants offer the perfect setting for little getaways as well as making Odenthal a special place to live.

Odenthal - The quintessence of the „Bergisch Land“!

Your mayor,
Robert Lennerts